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Feel the difference when playing on the ShockTower flooring made by Snap Sports. This modular flooring system is the best of its kind, offering optimum cushioning and consistent ball response for highly competitive play. With over 300,000 square feet of flooring Jam On It can set up as many as 65 basketball courts or 85 volleyball courts for one event! In addition flooring can be provided for Futsal, Inline Hockey, Handball and more.

Do you know what your athletes are playing on? Feel the difference with Snap Sports new ShockTower technology. This new product is the best of its kind. It’s the industry’s first modular flooring system to incorporate a patented absorbent substructure to allow you to play better, faster, and longer. This surface provides the best as far as both safety and performance for all athletes. Make sure you know what floors your athletes are playing on!

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